My name is Leon Botha. I am, as I write this, still serving as a Royal Marine Commando in the British Armed Forces.

My life in fitness started before joining I joined the Royal Marines. It started in a small town in South Africa where I began swimming at a young age which eventually led to competing at the top level in South Africa, winning multiple competitions and breaking records that still stand to this day (16 years later). I also competed at South African Swimming Champs and in 2015 was voted Eastern Cape Swimmer of the Year.

Yes, I was bald even then.

During my time swimming I felt like I had capacity for a greater challenge and needed more, so  while continuing to swim, I took up gymnastics and biathlon (running and swimming). Within the first few months of starting gymnastics, I was selected to compete and won gold overall (I was 17 years old). In biathlon I represented my province (county) for 5 years in a row and competed at the South African Champs multiple times.

Eventually school was over for me and after a couple of years wasting my life bored and frustrated, I decided to introduce challenge into my life and I joined the South African Army. Though I learnt much about nutrition and training methods competing in all my sports, it was the Army where I learnt about the psychology of pushing beyond physical boundaries. I had a multitude of amazing opportunities but after six years I decided it was time for something new.

I heard the Royal Marine Commandos undergo the toughest basic training in the world and was immediately interested. After a long and intensive recruitment process I finally embarked upon 32 weeks of training in 2015; it was one hell of a ride. I was able to implement what I learned in my years of competing and serving in South Africa to further improve and develop myself beyond what I thought was possible.

Me after passing the Commando Tests Aug 2016.

As soon as training was complete, I still needed an outlet for my competitive spirit.

Enter Crossfit!

I found Crossfit on YouTube and instantly fell in love with the discipline. It was not just the competing and fitness aspect but it was the science and philosophy that caught my attention. Despite all my life experience, Crossfit was brand new and I had to start from the beginning and took great pleasure in programming my workouts, planning my training and immersed myself completely into learning all I can about effective programming. I studied the best in the world, mimicked their programs, read all the books I could find and eventually decided to acquire relevant qualifications. I passed my Crossfit Level 1 in 2017 and certified as a Personal Trainer Level 3 in 2018. I am currently studying towards Sports Massage and Therapy Level 5.

All of my years learning to train and prepare myself in order to preform when it counted is what I draw on to ensure rewarding, robust and effective programs.

That’s a very brief history and introduction of who I am. If you want to know more find me on Instagram @leonbfit

Although, even with all my knowledge and experience I still cannot get my cat to lose weight.

No one knows how she got on that table, and yes its a full size dining table that seats eight.


 A lot of effort, time and thought had been given into designing the best programs for you. However, what you achieve is down to you. The dedication to keep training and pushing will have to come from you. We will do our best to be with you every step of the way and motivate you when that is needed but it will be you lifting that weight, it will be you running and it will be you that will have to decide to keep moving when every part of your body is screaming for you to stop.         Ultimately, its all on you!